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How YouTube Advertising Works w Jake Larsen

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This video is an interview with Jake Larsen who is a power house with YouTube advertising. Comparing to television, there is 36 time the number of Super Bowl viewers that are watching YouTube in a single day every day. YouTube advertising does not need you to spend $4 million for a 30 second spot of airtime. You can reach the same amount of people for pennies on the dollar. And again, the amount or number of people who watch the Super Bowl for a given year multiplied by 36 amounts to the YouTube advertising viewers every day which is just an amazing statistic. This means you can get Super Bowl exposure without Super Bowl expenses and this happens with YouTube advertising.

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YouTube advertising is brand new application platform and because it is new, it is cheap. And YouTube advertising entails guaranteed exposure and you know people will be able to watch it which leads to more leads, more clients and more money. In addition, it allows you to target your market which means you only spend money on the target market for your geographical location which is something great for local business owners. YouTube advertising is a hyper specific marketing platform and not spray marketing.

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