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What to Expect From Video Marketing Consultation

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At Videospot, our online marketing consultation is designed to assist your company in quantifying your online marketing goals, recognizing existing strengths and weaknesses, identifying target markets and online buyer persona’s, and creating an editorial calendar that is designed to accomplish your business objectives.



The online marketing consultation is typically a 1 hour meeting with Owen Hemsath of Videospot  and your marketing team. Our objective is to discover all of the marketing resources at your disposal. Following the meeting, you’ll receive a report and editorial calendar from Videospot that outlines your marketing strategy for the project you’ve purchased. During that meeting we’ll roll-up-our-sleeves and take an objective look at some important numbers. For example, we’ll discover:

  1. Goals
    What is your #1 business objective and/or your specific monthly sales goal?
  2. Buyer Persona
    Who is actually buying your product or service and where do they currently spend their time online?
  3. Funnels
    What is your sales process and how does that process best translate on the web?
  4. Social Media/SEO
    Where are you currently marketing online and where are the strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Moving Forward
    Which steps of the marketing process do you want to achieve in-house and which would you outsource to a marketing agency or freelancer?


The consultation is a 2-part meeting where the first session is mostly discovery. The next part involves going behind the scenes to create a strategy plan for you. This report will outline what we’ve discovered about your marketing processes and introduce a online marketing plan with a proposed editorial schedule.

This plan will become yours to execute at your discretion.

You are not held to a contract or obligation to execute this plan with Videospot (for ala carte Consults. This does not apply to everyone). In fact, our system for creating the marketing plan is so transparent and easy-to-read that any professional marketing agency (that operates at our level) could fulfill this plan for you. It’s our desire that you choose to do business with Videospot because you are thrilled with our service. We do not agree with marketing companies who deliver complicated or encrypted marketing plans that become impossible to shop.

We will also provide you with a bid for our cost on fulfilling the segments of the marketing plan that you are not able to fulfill in-house. You will own the marketing plan, it is yours. The final marketing plan will be delivered in a PDF document within 7-10 days of your meeting and the pricing offered will be honored for 30 days.

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