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What Clothes To Wear for Studio Shooting

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Shooting in the Videospot Studio is designed to be as easy as possible but there is no doubt that you should come as prepared as you can.  By following the guidelines listed in this section, you should be a position to make the most out of your time in our studio. We’ll cover everything you need to know from how to dress to using the prompter. It’s our goal to become a valuable resource for you and your first place to turn for advice on video marketing.

One of the largest benefits of working with Videospot is that we provide every tool you need to complete a successful video product.



Our studio is equipped with 3 different screens/backgrounds: a green screen, a white screen, and a black screen. Each of these screens serve a different marketing purpose and your screen should be selected before you arrive.  All videos will be shot from just below the waist so your belt line is important too.

If you are wearing jeans, we’ll know! So be sure to make a good choice on which style of pants and belt you would like your audience to see you in. Avoid animal patterns like zebra and cheetah. These patterns tend to absorb the green color and might be seen on camera.

Knowing which screen you are going to shoot with is essential in deciding how you want to dress. If you are shooting on the green screen you’ll want to avoid wearing any green colors- at all! This is because we will be removing all green color using a process called “color key.” If you are wearing a green shirt, your whole upper section will disappear! While it’s definitely kind of cool, it may not have the effect you’re trying to create. You may also want to avoid yellows and light blues and often times there are shades of green mixed into these colors.

If you are unsure of a color, please bring an extra pair of clothes.

The same is true for black and white screens. However, with black and white backgrounds, we’re not going to “remove” all the black and white. Instead, we’ll be enhancing the blacks and the whites. This means your white shirt may blend into the background. If shooting on a white screen, you’ll want to avoid wearing “too much” on the exterior.

If you wear a white shirt, be sure to wear a colorful jacket or sweater over it.

It’s best to think about your clothing in layers and generally speaking you want to wear bright, bold colors.

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