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Video Production vs Video Promotion

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Video Production and Video Promotion are two very different things and yet many companies look at them as identical.


In reality, Video Production and Video Promotion are two different things, making a video is only the first part of the process and accomplishes the task of getting the video to a place where it can be seen. It is important to know what you are doing with your videos once they are uploaded on the net, That is when video promotion comes in.

The 2nd part is promoting that video on Google search, social media, blog networks, and more. In this video, I’ll go into a little more depth regarding how this process Video Production and Video Promotion is divided and which tasks should be associated to either strategy.

Understanding Video Production and Video Promotion is essential to Video Marketing process. The production aspect includes everything you need to do to get a fully functional video onto the web, once on the web the promotion side takes over. Production includes scripting, hiring a videographer, shooting the video, editing the video, adding special effect, and optimizing the file and optimizing the file in YouTube or Vimeo. That gets it on the web.

Once ready to be shared, video promotion comes in, this is where the video gets shared, embedded and liked and commented on. That is where promotional side comes in and requires a different skill set and staff.

Spend time to do a quick video audit and check, Have you shared it? Has it been commented on? How can you promote it? Have you put it in your own blog? Do you have friends who can host it on their blogs? or be promoted from your friends social media channels?

When you have videos on the net and not getting likes, You have to ask yourself what it is that you can do to promote it.

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