Have You Tried Video Marketing and Been Disappointed by Your Results?

Are you overwhelmed by the camera gear & editing software that makes video marketing seem impossible?

Have you seen online video that looks more like a Hollywood film and thought - I can't do that ?

Does the process of video marketing seem so time consuming that you don't believe you can get results?


At Videospot, We Simplify the Confusion of Video Marketing to Produce Results That Will Move Your Business Forward.


We only work with Business Owners and Brands to drive traffic, leads, and sales.


We go beyond video and build a comprehensive marketing funnel that automates your sales.

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We are cross-platform experts with experience on YouTube, Facebook, & Google.

While so much of the video marketing world is focused on vanity metrics like subscribers, views, likes, and shares, we focus on the metrics that matter for your business- sales, lead generation, and website traffic.

Our 7-Step process for video marketing has worked in a variety of industries from Real Estate, Financial Management, Business Coaching, and even Fortune 1000 Brands. We'll show you how to create videos that drive traffic to your website. We'll show you how to create videos that convert your traffic into leads. We'll show you how to make videos that convert your leads into sales.

Here's How We Do It:

Blueprint Funnel

The Video Funnel Blueprint is your blueprint for success with video marketing. With this blueprint as your model, you'll know exactly what videos you need to make, what web pages they should link to, and what follow up series you need to write.

With the video funnel blueprint in place you'll always know exactly what videos will get results from your video marketing campaign.

Let's take a closer look...

Video Content - At the far right is your video content that drives traffic to your website. Your YouTube Videos, Facebook Videos, Live Stream Videos, Video Ads, Sales Videos, and other "top of the funnel videos" is produced with the P3 Content Strategy and links out to your lead capture page.

Lead Capture Page – This is where your traffic converts to a lead. Your lead capture page is where viewers exchange their email for a downloadable offer such as a coupon, a PDF guide, or even a video mini-series. We create most of our funnels with one click using Clickfunnels.

Confirmation page/Tripwire – This is where we start to make sales! Since it's easier to upsell a customer than to sell a new one, we leverage the power of "small wins" to convert your new lead into a sale. Once they’ve downloaded your lead magnet, they’ll be redirected to a page that says “thank you” and offers them an extraordinary deal on your main product.  Take a look at how my funnel works below.

sample ebook

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Email Sequence – The email sequence is how we follow up with non-sales and move them back to your sales page. This automated follow up system engages your new leads and encourages them to upgrade to your main product. This is where the majority of selling takes place.

Sales Page – Since your videos and your emails system have done all the selling for you, the sales page is where your viewers can enroll and purchase your product or service at any time of day. With the video marketing funnel, your new sales process is completely automated so you can make sales in your sleep!

Continuity/Membership – This optional step is where you'll be able to convert your new sales into recurring montly customers through a creative product offering or membership site. A good continuity program is a low-touch service offer that generates passive income for years.

The Video Funnel Blueprint has been extremely successful for our clients. Just look at what this world renowned sales coach and speaker had to say about Funnel Blueprint inventor, Owen Video...


- Jeffrey Gitomer
Massively Successful Sales Trainer and Speaker


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