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The Top Online Marketing Skills You Need in 2017

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Top Internet Marketing Skills That You Need To Know in 2017

The top Online Marketing Skills You Need in 2017Today we’re going thru the top marketing skills you need to have under your belt this year to be more powerful, be more productive and be more profitable in your profession this year. Special thanks to todays co host Collin Rand. Not every business will need all these skills right now but I’d say that if you had these skills down you’d be like an Eagle Scout of marketing…Subscribe below to get alerts when we're live! http://bit.ly/LIVEalerts

Posted by Owen Video on 4hb Januari 2017


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Top Online Skills Review:


Landing Page Design

“What the heck is a Landing Page?!?” It’s the page people land on (see what I did there?) after seeing an ad from being otherwise directed. Simply put, it’s the web page people will see when they click on an ad. Think of it as the flashy entrance of a local night club. The fancy lettering over the door and the lively music escaping through the door past the velvet ropes guarded by the big bald guy at the door kind of entices a person to want to go inside and see the fun. So your landing page is the presentation to the rest of your site. It’s purpose is to capture data and generate leads for your business.

“Well, can’t I just use my homepage as the Landing Page?”

Nope! Just like a restaurant doesn’t advertise by passing out a bunch of copies of their menu, you need give reason as to why someone should actually come in and go through the menu on their own. Building your Landing Page is a new concept for many business owners and can be a painful process. Continuing to work will make you proficient so that you can make on simply and quickly and in the end will be one of the most effective ways for people to find your videos.

YouTube Channel Growth

If you ask anyone what is the most popular search engine today chances are they will say Google is the answer and they will be right. YouTube, which is owned by Google, happens to be the second most popular search engine. Everyone and their mother uses Youtube for just about anything. From tutorial on cooking, playing guitar, and fixing a car, to countless hours of cat videos- no search is exempt. The most successful YouTube stars of today have made hundreds of thousands of dollars (and some even millions) because they mastered the marketable skill of growing a subscriber base on good old YouTube. They know that it takes a lot more than posting a video online and hoping for the best.

The process of solidifying your channel online is expansive and it would be in your best interest to take lots of advice from people with experience.However, building a channel is all about who your audience is. Like fishing, got to pick the appropriate bait. Make yourself known for a particular type of video by saturating your channel with the same common theme. Whether they be life hacks or even just videos of stuff being crushed, stay true to what you want your channel to be known for.

Event Marketing Skills

Yes, the internet is an amazing thing that allows you to work from home, but the internet is not the only thing that will make your business grow. To grow your company you need to represent it in public. “Offline” marketing or “face to face” marketing are other ways of remembering it. To many people you speak to, you are not representing only your business. The average uninformed consumer you interact with will see you as a representative of your whole industry. Becoming familiarized with the everyday consumer and what their needs and expectations are from what you have to offer will broaden your thinking and help you to see the whole picture. Present yourself with confidence in all your interactions at the local chamber of commerce or rotary club. Networking groups will be a powerful tool working in your favor only if you have presented your company as well as your industry well.

Views On YouTube

Make no mistake. This is not getting people to subscribe to your channel. Before that is getting people to even watch your videos. It’s a very distinct skill to know how to take advantage of “Search Marketing vs. Paid Marketing”. So let’s say you’re a small business owner with a $1,000 dollar budget to use towards a new video on your channel. Do you know how many views you are hoping to get from that investment or are you just spending the money and posting the video willy nilly hoping that people will watch it? Learn the skill of targeting the amount of views you expect to get from a particular investment or within a certain time frame. In the end it becomes of matter of using the right keywords or hashtags to even be relevant in a social media search.

Getting Views on Facebook

This is a new skill to even the most experienced video marketers. Facebook is so popular that it always changes to keeps its users loyal. One big thing they have done recently is allow you the capacity to broadcast live from the palm of your hand for as long as you want! Knowing how to game the Facebook game can be drastically different from getting views on your YouTube channel. Facebook is flooded with ads and you have to know how to appeal to the right audience.

The execution can vary drastically. The three things you want to remember is the goal you want to achieve, the strategy you will use to achieve it, and the action you will take to implement that strategy (hint hint: who can you count on to share your videos?).


Whoa whoa what? Who? Never heard of her. Well get real familiar with her. Analytics is the data you need to track and trace all your efforts allowing you to see where your work is most effective. That being said, data is useless if you don’t know how to use it. The numbers will show you where conversions are happening or not happening. They will also show you which of your approaches of acquiring new clients is not working. Naturally you will drop the baggage and focus ore attention to what is actually reaping results. Many businesses spend way too much money on something that doesn’t even work. They can’t even see for themselves where the money is being wasted because they have no landing page to create a data log. All work must be tracked in order to become data and converted into leads.

Analytics need to be care for on a weekly basis at minimum. See your total hits, check your landing page traffic, and review your conversion traffic. A hard honest day’s work means nothing if you aren’t making any money. Which of your actions is creating the results that you want? How many times do you execute that action? Knowing how to answer these questions will prompt you as a business owner to notice trends and implement the right strategies to attain a greater clientele by creating more of what has appealed to them in other formats such as blogs.

Blogging, Embedding, SEO

“How are those even related? I thought blogging was a dead practice???”

Nah, you’d be surprised to find out just how effective blogging can be if used properly. The most effective blogs use videos or tweets to supplement the text material. It might sound easy to just copy and paste a video link into your blog, but don’t be surprised if all your readers see is a bunch of code right where you thought you posted your latest video updates. This seems to happen a lot and it looks amateur and quite unprofessional.

Another technique is not only to properly embed a tweet or a video, but to remove the controls and get it to autoplay. The moment your post loads on the browser and the reader hears a video playing, it’s only natural instinct to find where the sound is coming from. Whoever might not have pressed play if they had the option are more likely to watch what you have for them. Augmenting whatever you embed in a post is pretty much blogging on steroids.

SEO might not be for all business owners. Especially if you have no blog at all. It’s designed to help your blog get found. Good key points to remember are that a blog with all text and one image is elementary. Write fewer blogs with more words. Embed videos and/or tweets in your blogs. Always as much as possible, optimize your post by making it even interactive or by using autoplay for your videos. A blog post well put together can be very shareable for its richness and the better you get at it, the more you will experience that truth. And for your business’ sake, yes. Blogging (and vlogging) is still essential.

Subscribe on Youtube

Follow on Facebook: 

Ranking Videos on YouTube

This again? No. This differs from what has been discussed already and I’ll explain why.

Before we were aiming to increase your subscriber base and then getting those subscribers to watch more of your videos. Ranking videos on YouTube is getting your video to the top of front page of the search. It might get views or it might not. It’s all about being visible. Pick the right keywords to bring in quality leads.

Ranking Pages on Google

You guessed it. It’s getting your webpage to the top of the first page in a Google search. This may seem like a daunting task and quite honestly it very well can be, but very worth it. Especially if your business does not do video marketing. Most of the time this applies to local businesses which survive from being found on a Google search.

Remarketing Lists (Retargeting lists)

This is marketing again (re-marketing) only those who have already engaged with your website or video. It’s sending ads to people who have definitely heard of you before. This greatly reduces your conversion costs. So say a person visits your webpage. The next time they log into Facebook they will automatically see one of your videos. It can also be when someone clicks on your video ad on Facebook and they end up on the Landing Page for the offer advertised. On the Landing Page you might even have a YouTube video of yours embedded and BAM. in less than 5 minutes you just got one person to check out your Facebook, Website, and YouTube channel. Remarketing lists can be complicated but once you have it you can set it and forget it. It will be one of the best investments you make in 2017.

Email Marketing

Segmenting your emails into to targeted groups of people is a great way to reach out to people with what will spark their interest. Figuring out who clicked on what is a perfect way to categorize your email lists. For example, people who show more interest in a podcast will receive an email with the word “podcast” somewhere in the subject line. Using keywords after sales is also a great way to segment. Whoever bought rugs from you is more likely to read and email involving rugs.

Autoresponders for when people opt in to receive more information about what your company offers is a very much necessary step to indoctrinate, condition, and upsell to the consumer and it will be very helpful to become familiar with drip campaigns.


A collaboration is more known as a strategic partnership within the industry. You have to choose wisely who you partner with. There are people whose shows you should not appear on or spend time with because their audience is not as big as yours. It may sound counter intuitive, but it is for the best of both companies.

A world famous recording artist may release an album featuring another artist who is all very well know. Both of them as solo artists are very successful. This is correct collaboration. You never want to be the business that survives off of the collaboration of someone else. This would should that your company cannot make it on its own two feet. Learning this skill is easy to begin, but carelessness can turn it into a trap.

Facebook Groups and Communities

Anyone with an active Facebook account is part of an online community of their liking. It’s a consolidated spot on the internet of people with a same common interest. It’s basic. It’s free. It’s nothing fancy, and it will be one of your sharpest tools. To build your audience in a Facebook community or group is very cost effective to you as a business owner because no matter how great or how bad your group may seem, you didn’t pay a dime for it. Learning to lead and manage an online group of like minded people allows you to reach your target audience even from your phone. Will your posts always be seen? Probably not. However, those who do see it are more likely to engage because they how you think and likely chose to be notified every time you post something.

Treat your Facebook group like an email list and build your community by being consistent and present all the time the members of the group scroll through their feed.

In today’s day where videos get more attention than books it makes sense to put yourself where you will most likely be found and market yourself effectively. Get updated on what new features are on the internet and how you can take advantage of them. Working side by side with a video marketing consultant who can either teach you invaluable video marketing skills will be the one thing to skyrocket the growth of your company. In 2017 coming up with a product or service idea will be easy. The real challenge for business owners will be to grow that idea into a successful business.

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