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Top Keyword Research Strategy

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Keyword Research is a pretty comprehensive process and most business owners do it wrong. On this Video you will learn the strategy of how to execute an efficient and marketable keyword research strategy. Keyword Research maybe overwhelming but the key is to have a strategy. What is important is to know how to refine the process in getting the keyword for your research. After the process, you will have a foundation list of keywords you will use for your content marketing, video marketing, social media needs.


Keyword Research will get you the right keywords that will drive people to a webpage, website and covert them into a lead,a sale or a blog reader. What we are looking for is a qualified traffic and not just traffic. This video will show how you will categorize keywords below:

1. High competition keywords or main keywords
2. Competitive words are more specific
3. Low Competitive keywords – hyper specific keywords for your products
4. Niches – hyper focused markets that you will be serving
5. Technical terms – specific to industry like legal terms, medical terms of jargon
6. Modifiers – adjectives and localities sample: Best, Top, Top Rated
7. Reverse Engineering – Go to competitor website and check out what keyword they are using

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