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To Green Screen Or Not?

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Should you be using a green screen in your marketing videos?

In this episode, we are discussing whether or not you should be using a green screen in your videos, with our guest Justin Brown from Primal Video.

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To Green Screen Or Not

To green screen or not? On today’s show our guest Justin Brown will be discussing what you need to now before you choose to use a green screen or not.Join Us LIVE every Wednesday at 10am PSTGet Alerts when we go live at: thevideospot.net/podcastToday’s Show:Justin Brown has worked on major international projects involving a raft of inspirational domain leaders including Dr. John Martini, Roger Hamilton, John Assaraf and Tara Stiles, extreme athletes Ant Williams and Mark Visser, and global change makers like UN Women. Justin's methods has garnered the attention of a growing community of entrepreneurs, change makers and domain leaders seeking the most efficient way to produce quality video and spread their message online.✅T H A N K * Y O U : To our SHOW SPONSOR TuberTools.com where you can get Channel art work, end screen backgrounds, video graphics, even custom branding packages for your YouTube channel http://bit.ly/tubertools✅S H A R E * T H I S : Today’s SHARE SPONSOR is Ayyaz Ahmed – an internet Entrepreneur doing Video editing at Fiverr & almost Youtuber.Additional Sponsors (Rotate):✅ T H A N K * Y O U : To our SHOW SPONSOR TubeBuddy The worlds greatest tool for managing, growing, and automating your YouTube channel growth. Get Tubebuddy now for just $0.01 when you click: bit.ly/tubebuddy01

Posted by Owen Video on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Green Screens can be a really helpful tool when making your videos, BUT you need to make sure you set them up correctly!

When you use it correctly it makes your videos look amazing, but if you do it wrong… it could lead to disaster.

What do I need to keep in mind when using a green screen?

Wrinkles in the green screen and your lighting are the top two major concerns you need to worry about.

Then there is also need to keep in mind the motion in the video and what looks real and what looks fake.

Should business owners use a green screen in their videos?

If it helps you get the results you are looking for and if you are able to use it correctly.

Someone who is worried about a lack of space, having to keep setting up and packing down sets, and if you have a place where you can keep it all up.

How do you choose a background?

You want your video to look authentic!

Make sure the background you pick is relevant to your business. You want the viewers concentrating on you and not wondering about your background.


What is the process of using a green screen?

Setting up your green screen properly will make editing it a snap!


Have two lights on the green screen so there are no shadows, and two light on the person in front of the camera. Try to shoot in a room without windows to remove any external variables.

It is a big help to be able to monitor it when you are live.

How hard is it for a beginner to figure out how to use a green screen?

There are many different factors and issues that a green screen will create.

Fortunately, Primal Video has a  Green Screen Academy that will show you all the tips and hacks to create a great video with a green screen.

What are some other advantages of using a green screen?

It is helpful when you want to shoot a batch of videos. You set it up and you can get your video done in one day.

You can use a green screen in a live video.

If you use a green screen properly it will totally enhance your video, BUT if you are not willing to get the equipment and set it up right, then a green screen is not for you.

Do what is right for your business.

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