The YouTube Algorithm Explained!

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We break down YouTube’s algorithm with our guest Brian G. Johnson TV. This will help you start to MASTER the online space and start getting your videos viewed and ranked!

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Breaking Down the YouTube Algroithm

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Posted by Owen Video on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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What is the algorithm?

A mathematical equation that addresses videos and looks for connections between search queries and the videos then looks for videos that have been proven to be winners.

What is the biggest factor in the algorithm?


YouTube REWARDS videos that keep people watching!!

Retention get broken down into many other parts that the algorithm looks at,

Relative Audience Retention

Absolute Audience Retention

How do you get people watching beyond the click?

Very simple, deliver on their wants and needs. Identify what they want, and give it to them. If you are believable they will follow you.

It is the difference between creating a video for a formula and creating a video for a person.

Brian G. Jonhson’s book “Trust Funnel” helps get your message heard and creates a message people are really excited about.

So make sure you get right into the content of your video and don’t waste the audience’s time.


If you want to grow on YouTube, you do not get to be an artist!

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