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7 Tips to Help You Build a Successful YouTube Channel that Ranks

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Is it Too Late to be Successful on YouTube?

We have heard lately some people say that they are not on YouTube because they believe it is too late to get success from the platform with so much of the competition that started ahead. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about it this way…by the time the 70’s came along the movie industry had been going for 20 years. But how many more people became successful in the 80’s 90’s and even today in the industry? Perhaps even better than those who got their head start in the 50’s! Like Hollywood, there is plenty of space in the ever-changing, ever-growing video platform of YouTube. While you may be looking to just attract people to your business, not start a viral video revolution with Hollywood style production, the same is very true for you.

In this interview with YouTube expert, Nick Nimmins, you will learn that it is definitely not too late to start a successful YouTube channel for your business,  but now is actually the perfect time to jump in, no matter what kind of business you are in.

Why Your Business NEEDS a YouTube Channel Now

Don’t let fear and lies stop you from getting on YouTube. If you own a business, you NEED to be on YouTube to beat your competitors on Google. Did you know that YouTube is one of the most used search engines next to Google? People want to learn with video so badly, they are skipping traditional search engines all together and going straight to YouTube to find their answers. YOU could be that person answering their questions and building that relationship with them as the source for all their questions in your industry. So when that time comes when they need or are ready to purchase a service or product that you offer, you will be the one they contact, not the other guy. 

For businesses, YouTube is not about getting views or going viral, it’s about getting the right viewers to help you make more sales. Nick Nimmins is a wealth of knowledge, full of tips and tricks to help your business thrive on YouTube. 

So How Can You Start a YouTube Channel But Not Have to Stumble too Hard Through the Trials and Errors of Those who Started Before You?

Learn how to have a successful YouTube channel from the experts! In this episode we’re going to talk about 7 major tips for you to use on how you can capitalize on YouTube.

Listen in and learn ways you can improve your rank in both Google and YouTube searches and get more shares to spread your content and make a name for yourself as part of the community in your niche. These tips will help you get higher rankings than your competitors who are not making videos, and build more credibility for your business to sell more of YOUR products or services.

So listen in to this fascinating interview on how you can find success with a YouTube channel and be sure to take notes.

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