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Recognize Buying Signals | Sales Training Series #3

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Sales Series #3- Buying signals and how to recognize them.

Buying signals inevitably lead to sale bc the prospect is expressing interest in your product/service.

Most salespeople, however, never recognize these signals because they are religiously attached to either:

1. The process they were trained on
2. Over-qualifying the process

What I teach in this sales training is that when a prospect gives you a buying signal, you have a green light to go for a close. This helps you to gauge where the prospect is in the process. If the prospect pushes back a little, you can always go back into the process and finish with your process.

I recommend always going into the close when you get a buying signal. This (of course) is an advanced technique bc you have to be ready to back-out each and every time in case the prospect is not ready.

However, for introductory sales training, you may want to experiment with going into the close just once or twice to get comfortable with it.

Sales is an art. You have to “feel” what’s happening and have tools in your tool chest to pull from in order to close the sale faster.

Remember- the faster you close a sale, the faster you’ll be able to be move to the next one.

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