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How to Optimize Your Facebook Videos into Playlists for Longer View Duration

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Did you know you can optimize your Facebook business page to showcase your videos?

Facebook Video playlists are a perfect but lesser known optimization tool. While optimizing video is the norm on YouTube, Facebook video is more of pay-to-play environment. As such, optimization has been limited to titles and tags and even then we’re not seeing any results.

You can however optimize your videos into playlists using the video tab on your Facebook video page.

Visit URL <Facebook.com/yourpageurl.com/videos>

On that page you’re able to organize your videos into a featured video and then playlists.

Setting up Facebook video playlists not only looks fantastic but it’s also a great way to increase your view duration as each video leads into the next fairly seamlessly. With playlists, you can send links for your audience to watch a series of videos instead of just one.

(And since video links on Facebook are challenging enough you might as well maximize that time).

So let’s see how to set up your Facebook Video playlists.

 How to set up a playlist on Facebook Video.


Setting Up A Playlist is a fairly simple process.

1. Log in to your Facebook Page as Admin
2. Click on your /videos Page

Now the first time you open this you’re only going to see three options:

3. Set up a Featured Video
4. Set up a playlist
5. Upload a video

You’ll have to upload at least two videos to make this work so get started. Be sure to use thumbnails to make your playlists look even better.


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