Online Courses That People Will ACTUALLY Finish

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In this episode, we talk with Dr. Carrie Rose of Brand Legends on how to create an online course that will not only sell, but people will actually finish! Dr. Carrie Rose helps businesses create courses with a 3 step proprietary process that connects them with the science of learning.

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How to build an online course

How to build an online course that actually sells! Join us LIVE RIGHT NOW with Dr. Carrie Rose of Brand Legends… and every Wednesday at 9:30am PST. Get Alerts when we go live at: to Owen Video LIVE where business owners and entrepreneur learn video marketing tips, tools, and tactics that grow your business.

Posted by Owen Video on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Remember, you are asking for a VALUE exchange.

What software should I use?

Top choice:

Also, and

The most important factor when creating a course is your INTENTIONS!

Before you sell the course set and write out your promise to the audience first and stick to that promise throughout the course.

There is only a 3 to 5 percent completion rate of online courses!

You want to lead the audience in a “choose your own adventure” model for your course.

What do I need to consider when creating my online course?

You need to consider what the business is, what you are instructing, and what it looks like through the entire customer journey.

You need to look at the individual pieces that lead people on this journey and look at them between conceptual and applicable. 

The goal is to get them start thinking about it on their own, coming up with their own solutions so they can bridge the gap between what worked for you and what will work for them!

You can have them choose how long it will take them to finish the course so they don’t feel like they don’t have the time right now and then drop off.

You can also send them non-bothersome reminders that they set these deadlines to finish the course.

VALUE your time and theirs and you will provide a course they will want and actually finish!

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