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This minor tweak in my Facebook Video Ads increased CTR to 10.76%

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Facebook Video Thumbnails matter on – a lot.

After NOT GETTING RESULTS on a standard thumbnail that we’ve been using with great success on YouTube, James my Conversion Scientist (JSU Solutions), decided to shock some life into the campaign.

“The Thumbnail!” He said like Doc Brown.

“We’ve got to do something about your thumbnail…”

So immediately we got to work and split-tested 5 different video thumbnails. What we saw next was enough to cause any marketers eyeballs to pop. I’ll cover the whole thing below in this weeks’ episode

 Facebook Video Thumbnails Matter… a lot.

James and I looked with anticipation as the numbers kept increasing.

“3% is good but what we’ve just done is amazing.”

He was right. Between the two of us, we split-tested 5 different video thumbnails and saw our CTR (click-through-rate) JUMP to 10.5% with one specific design.

As of this writing, the CTR has maintained within a few points of that percentage.

Here’s why this is amazing

  • It could be dumb luck as to why you might get instant results. The trick is in being able to scale and maintain that number as the campaign ages. We had done that.
  • Facebook videos are barely noticeable. They pop up a little in the right hand column but most views come from the mobile newsfeed where autoplay is the norm. Therefore, viewers only see the thumbnail for split second before the video starts to autoplay.


The Split Test included many designs each with varying results. We did not include those results in this blog (I am Owen Video after all- not Owen Blogger) so I’d highly recommend checking out the video for a very simple and articulate overview.

For even more on Facebook Video Thumbnails…


I shared these same results with Rick Mulready from the Art of Paid Traffic Podcast. You can click the link and listen to the rather high energy podcast interview we did there.


Here’s the summary:

  • Despite the fact that thumbnails are only viewable by your subconscious (basically) they make a huge difference in your results. This particular Facebook video thumbnail looks more like a Facebook image ad.
  • Different images will perform at vastly varying rates. We didn’t even get into the 7%’s until after 3 designs. So vary your designs greatly and create an series of templates.
  • Most importantly, we discovered a scalable Facebook video thumbnail design that is proven to optimize our clicks. Now, when we upload new video to Facebook we know we are using the best possible thumbnail artwork to maximize clicks.

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