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How to make an editorial calendar- content calendar

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Creating an editorial calendar- content calendar is essential because it will become the cornerstone of your content marketing plan and on the other hand will be the bane of your existence if you do not follow these simple steps:


An editorial calendar reminds you of what you are going to produce, how often you will produce it and when you are going to do all of your content marketing for the month. It is your home base for all the activity, an editorial calendar will keep you super organized and accountable. However, a personal calendar can be distracting like your Facebook posts, replying to blog comments and checking your linked in account. Creating a personalized calendar is a nightmare – or at least – it was for me until I took a step back from my activity, Stopped looking for a hub spot or marking book on the subject, and examined my own ability to create content before plugging in and committing to a schedule in paper. You have to stop looking for templates, because an editorial calendar is very specific for you.

Once on paper, I was able to put the calendar on the web where I get reminders and where I have an assistant to help me keep me accountable to producing every week. So here’s how you create a content calendar from scratch without blowing a fuse.

1. Go Buy a wall or desk calendar and open it up to the current month, plus in your normal routing stuff like you chamber meeting, soccer practice, church activity, book keeping, etc. The highlight that stuff in one or two colors. I use two because I want to highlight my book keeping tasks as well.

2. Now evaluate your availability, blank spots and consider the content you want or need to create. 2 hour time frames, and do it twice a week. Consider the following:

– Landing pages
– Web pages
– Blogs
– Newsletters
– Videos
– PDF’s
– Facebook posts
– Social Media posts
– Blog Reach’s and commenting
– Etc

2.b Now decide on which content to create, maybe 1 blog per week, a newsletter per month and a blog per month.

3. Add tasks to calendar and highlight with colors, make it visible. And you will realize that pressure is making you more effective, After which you can migrate it to your online calendar and keep you reminded with alarms.

I’m not saying to do all those things – you have to consider which of those tasks will most further your business objectives. Do not do all of everything.


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