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How Local SEO and Video SEO works Bill Walsh Interview

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How Local SEO and Video SEO works….

Is YouTube and how is YouTube a viable strategy for local SEO?

Bill Walsh says video SEO is a long term strategy. When everything else falls away, YouTube will be there. If you are looking for something long term for your Local SEO and Video SEO, you have to ditch the radio, ditch the newspaper and just follow YouTube.



Video SEO will cost a fifth of what you will spend on everything else (radio and print marketing) which means if you redirect that spending with the same amount you will get 5 times as much. You will get more clients for your Local SEO, more eyes, more sales and more success for your business.

When you broadcast in YouTube, it stays there forever unlike in radio where it dies. The long term success of YouTube is that the videos live forever. And when Video SEO is correctly done, it will be there for a year or more and still generate traffic, and traffic leads to customers. Bill Walsh’ team also works on page ranking and recommends his personal course in videoalpha

In Summary, Business owners and sales people should do what they are good at which is selling and leave the other stuff like Local SEO and Video SEO to the experts and let them get everything funneled to you.

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