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Landing Pages That Converts

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You get people to click through to your LANDING PAGE, but is your landing page set up to get them to click more times than not? In this video we discuss what tactics make YOUR landing page convert!

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How to create a landing page that converts

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Posted by Owen Video on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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What is a Landing Page?

The section of a website accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another web page, typically the website’s home page. A page you send people for a special offer to obtain their email address

Some Landing page must haves…

It has to be relevant to what brought them there.

A strong heading they see right away

The main features should all be above the fold.


What helps a landing page convert?

They should know how to buy within the first 3 seconds of seeing the landing page, and the fewer clicks the better.

Less is more when it comes to a landing page, so you need to make sure you have the best headlines and imagery.

The form is KEY!


What information should I be asking for on the landing page?

But depending on what kind of relationship you want to create with them will depend on what information you will ask for.

If all you need from them is an email than just ask for it.

Asking for their name is like a handshake. It creates a bit more of a more familiar relationship.

You really need to make sure your landing page is simple, clear, and relevant!

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