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Incredible Video Marketing Technique with Ray Lane

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This Video blog will show you Incredible Video Marketing Technique that Ray Lane and his team does. Most city or government officials or politicians do not recognize the use of video for their campaign, some would even say that social media marketing would not help their cause as well.

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In government videos, everybody wants to show off their talent, as a Mayor or a City Councilor, you want to show off your talent or achievements like “This is our Town”, “This is our nice Park”, “This is our School System”, or anything that is attractive about your town. Ray Lane have worked with small cities and have done series of videos where the Mayor or a City Council member would provide an introduction to the city, show off the school system, show off the parks, show off the facilities and all the cool aspects of the city. And the great thing about this Incredible Video Marketing Technique is that Ray Lane’s team do not charge anything for it.

Ray Lane’s Incredible Video Marketing Technique makes his team send people out and find cities that are interested and find businesses that are willing to pay to have advertisements made to go along with these videos. The city gets the videos that are made for free and is kind of like a sponsorship. No voice overs or “brought to you by messages” but rather a portion for advertisements to be on the same page with the city information.

In addition, part of this Incredible Video Marketing Technique is that these videos are optimized with SEO techniques for it to be found easily in a search and also directs to and from the city website.

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