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How to Embed YouTube Videos in ANY Email Program

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Did you know you can send VIDEO in an e-mail? I can be a bit tricky, but I am going to walk you through the steps you need to start sending out videos to your email list!

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How do you get more views on newly released videos?

Just send out an e-mail with a video that has a link to your newly released video.

Now, you will not be putting the actual video in the e-mail. You will create an animated GIF, and once they click on it, they will be sent directly to your video!

Video is too large to send in an email, and sure you can pay to make it possible, but I am going to show you a workaround.

FIRST, you are going to need an email list, already have one? Great!

Now you are ready for the two-step process:

First, create the animated GIF

Second, compose and send your e-mail

How do you create a GIF?

In order to create the GIF you can use Online-Convert.com and click on “Image Converter”

Or you can get the TubeBuddy plug-in at tubebuddy.com. You simply click on the TubeBuddy button and go to Animated GIF Generator.

To create the actual GIF in TubeBuddy, you can only use 9 seconds of your video. It will tell you how much you have selected right below your video.

Once all that is selected click on Generate GIF and once it is ready you just click download.

Now for creating your e-mail!

I personally use GetResponse for my email because many free e-mails will send the GIF as an attachment and not embed it in the actual e-mail.

Go into your e-mail and create a newsletter.


Just upload your GIF, add it to your e-mail, and link it to your full video.

For your copy in your e-mail, simply go to your YouTube description of the video and copy and paste some key parts and maybe edit it so make it sound more “e-mailly!”

All that’s left is for you to make it look all nice and pretty, then you can schedule and send it out to your list.

Secret Hack: Send the video out as unlisted and tell them they are getting a sneak peek of the video before the public! Once you have some views and watch time, make the video public and those times will BOOST your video!!

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