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How to Make a Free Facebook Messenger Chatbot [Video Tutorial]

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Facebook Messenger Chatbots are the coolest addition to your online and social media marketing. The top marketing conferences in 2017 spent a great deal of time discussing chatbots and similar artificial intelligence (ai) marketing technology.

Both the Traffic and Conversion Summit and Social Media Marketing world placed a strong emphasis on chatbots for engagement. Well, I was at both conferences and wasted no time. Before I even checked out of the hotel I had a working chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

You can check it out here: SEE MY CHAT BOT HERE.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are easy to make and will only take minutes to set up. In the video below, you’ll learn how to make a free chatbot with Facebook messenger to sending alerts to your followers. This full tutorial will knock your socks off.

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is an interactive messaging program designed to mimic human communication. You interact with a chatbot through a chat interface (Like Facebook Messenger – but there are others) that is guided by “if-this-then-that” rules.

What is a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

A chatbot that you interact with through the Facebook Messenger service. These bots are available for business pages only and can deliver automated customer support, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive experiences.

How do you make a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

First, you sign up for a FREE account at ManyChat.com and follow the steps to get set up to your Facebook BUSINESS PAGE! It only takes a few minutes. Next, you want to go to Growth Tools which deals with all your subscribers. Your growth tools will work with your website!

What type of Facebook Messenger Chatbots can you make?

There is literally no end to what a Facebook Messenger Chatbot can do but truly you will be limited by your own coding skills. If you’re a total beginner, use Manychat.com to create a chatbot messenger for your Blog feed, YouTube feed, or Facebook page. You can also make a chatbot that interacts with humans through keywords typed into the chat.

Check out my chatbot here: thevideospot.net/chatbot

How will you use Facebook Messenger Bots? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check back next week for a new article on online marketing.

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