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How To Film In Noisy Apartments and More! (Live Q&A)

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You had questions, and I’ve got your answers!  Want to know how to build your YouTube channel and other video marketing tips? Check out the full video below:



Here are the top TWO questions that came out of the session today. You don’t even need to watch it! Just press play and stick it in your pocket…


How Do I get Subscribers?

First you need to know what and who you are trying to build a channel for. Then you need to look for these groups of people in areas on and off YouTube where they devote their time. Here’s how you do it:

  • Immerse yourself in their channel
  • Ask questions
  • Be engaging
  • Say ‘hello’ to people
  • Subscribe to support
  • Be friendly and find new friends


How Do I Film In A Noisy Apartment?

1. Sound Proof Your Studio
Styrofoam waffles are a great lower cost way to keep the sound in the studio and help keep some reverberation out.

2. Change Your Microphone
Get a microphone or a clip lavalier that is least likely to pick up outside noises. I personally use the Zoom H1.

3. Time Your Videos
If you live near an airport or a noisy business, you must work around their schedule. Put your self in a place where you can film effectively.


Even more great questions answered in the video. Watch above for more!


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