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How to hire the right videographer

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Problem of hiring a videographer is sometimes they don’t show up in time, sometimes they are a know- it-all which is really a hassle. Hiring a Videographer is really important especially when you want to look at hiring someone on the long run. Here are some tips on finding the right Videographer:


1. Put together a list of everything you want and expect from that person (Videographer) – it creates an objective standard that allows you to hire for that role.

I am looking for a Videographer who can shoot with a DLSR camera, I am looking for a Videographer who can do a really cool white background of black background effect, and I need a Videographer who can work with a green screen, A Videographer who can help with direction and lighting. Put what you are looking for and not what you are looking for. Be Specific

2. Be ready to invest some serious time with the Videographers who responded to your ad – Get on the phone and find out what their personality is and if there is a fit even before looking at their reel. It is very important to look for someone who would click with you to make it a fun experience.

3. Build a vision for scope of what you will be doing – Set expectation about how you will start and what you are planning for so you can involve them and let the Videographers feel that what you are doing can potentially turn into a great position for them where they can work with a consistent client.

4. Hire more than one at a time – It creates good competition which brings out their best work.

5. Require something out of the ordinary – Most Videographers are used to applying to an ad and getting the job, require them to do something else like read through a non-compete agreement or provide a paragraph about why they should get the job. This will cut your prospects in half and will remove those who would not just do it because they are not used to doing it. It would show who is really serious about taking the job.

6. Avoid Craigslist because anybody can just put a post on it. Instead, try using yelp or college campuses or elance or oDesk.


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