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How to Grow Your Business YouTube Channel (if you're just starting out)

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Grow Your Business on YouTube with Video

You can grow your business vlog if you’re doing these 5 little tiny things. Seriously!

I talk to business YouTubers all the time who want big numbers but skip the little steps. Don’t worry – I’m gonna clear it up for you like Vicks Vapo Rub on your mustache line. Stay tuned- I’m Owen Video.

Your business Youtube channel will grow if you do the little things everyday. The biggest mistakes you make are the things you forget to do or do inconsistently. I’m bringing in a SUPER YOUTUBER today (who I’ve seen grow from the time he was a little baby YouTuber and now he’s kicking ass and taking names).

How to Grow Your Channel On YouTube

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5 Tactics to Increase Subscribers on YouTube

Subscribers will watch more video and click more links BOTH great tactics for getting more traffic to your website getting more brand awareness or otherwise having a strong view count on YouTube.

The Content of your Content

  • Your viewers are best served if you can help them think in a way that will give them insight into a detail they might have overlooked or if you can entertain them. Help someone relieve stress, or the other problems that they have going on.

Always ask people to subscribe.

  • This is one of the most overlooked factors. You have to ask people to subscribe. Don’t assume that they know exactly what to do

Collaborate with other video creators

  • When you collaborate with other YouTube creators and businesses you are getting your name in front of their audiences. if you make real estate videos you should seek out Carpenters comma contractors, or anyone else that’s a compliment to your services

Upload frequency

  • Consistency creates trust and putting your video up on YouTube at a regular day and a regular time is how you will create trust with your audience.  with every upload you’re also increasing your chances of being found on the circuit

Channel branding and content

  • Your channel page is the second most visited page on YouTube. You need to have optimize artwork thumbnail and playlists so that when new viewers land on this page they can see the proper representation of your brand. 

Start using these tactics now and download the video marketing toolkit to get started correctly!



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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