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How to GO LIVE on Facebook with your mobile device (Android or Iphone)

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What is LIVE video on Facebook?

Live broadcasting used to only be available to the major networks. Celebrity gatekeepers held the keys to fame – Unless Ed McMahon said you could be a star… You simply didn’t get to be a star

With the rise of online video and most recently the rise of live video on Facebook comma anyone with a working finger can broadcast a message to the entire world.

  • That means you.
  • That means your business.

From social justice to celebrity and sales, video marketing  is a powerful tool for connecting with your ideal audience and delivering a message entirely to them in this brief tutorial I’ll show you exactly how take this awesome power and use it to push out a targeted message.

After watching this, you’ll be able to go live on Facebook from your mobile device.

How to go LIVE on Facebook from mobile



Facebook LIVE Video Tips:

See this video here for a tutorial on how to go live from your DESKTOP (PC or MAC)




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