Find the camera that fits the needs of your business.

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Want to make video marketing easy?

If you want to make video marketing easy, getting a camera that fits the needs of your business is key! Here is a list of my favourite 7 cameras for video marketing business-related content.

1 .Your Mobile phone.

Technology has increased so intensely, chances are the camera on your phone is legit. You can get great quality video with phones now and this is a perfect starter camera for anyone who wants to start making videos. As you get more comfortable or are ready to try new things with the camera, you can move on to some of the others on this list. So pull out that phone, attach it to a tripod and start recording.



2. The Logitech Webcam. 

We’ve grown by 15k subscribers with this webcam. This is great if you want to record from your desktop in your office. It will give an excellent, clear image and you can be in a setting that may provide you the comfort needed to make a real natural and authentic presentation of what you do.



3. The 360 Nano

This is an excellent 360 camera that actually attaches to the iPhone. Viewers can play with the 360 features with their finger on their phone screen, moving a mouse on screen, or get really into it and see it through a visor. It is perfect for real estate agents and those who want to to do onsite recordings at events.



4. The Canon G7x

This is a small, handheld lightweight DSLR. It gives high quality imagery without the weight burden of a traditional DSLR. You can use some fancy features as well if you want to take it to the next level.



5. The Go-Pro 

The Go-Pro or any other action Camera. You can take your customers behind the scenes with high quality video. Whether you are a Surf instructor or home inspector, GoPro will get great footage.



6. Panosonic AC90

This is great for shooting conferences, or workshops. Footage is good with default settings. High level functionality of wanted. Can plug in 2 xlr microphones which is great for interviews. This one has remote control access and wifi connections for live streaming.



7. The Canon T6i

Traditional DSLR camera with out of the box functionality. Includes automatic focus, built in wi-fi, and much more.  It has a pretty reasonable price tag and works well for a novice.

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