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How does Live Video Work for Bigger Businesses?

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]Everyone wants their skills and expertise to be in front of as many potential buyers as possible but the thought of “going live” immediately conjures thoughts of PR disasters in Donald Trump proportions.

PS- Trump is a marketing genius. There… I said it.

The truth is that live streaming video (or Live Video) is a risk and businesses that attempt such a platform stand to not only steal away the younger audience members of their competitors, but also build their professional credibility and reputation beyond measure.

In this blog, I’ll review why live video may be the life blood of your business this year.

Immediate Benefits of Live Video-

So maybe you’re already a believer in video content and you’re dying to do a live stream. Or maybe you are still trying to make up your mind whether or not live video is that big of a deal. Well, either way, check out these benefits live video can offer over pre-recorded content.

  • Live video doesn’t take much production effort; there’s really no such thing as post production when you do live streams. Savvy companies however will repurpose the video in a meaningful way.
  • Video engagement is better than other content forms, but pre-recorded still doesn’t get the engagement that you can get with something that’s “live” and in the moment.
  • Live video is, by nature, super interactive. Think about it: what’s funnier, a recording of someone telling jokes or a stand-up comedian interacting with an audience? The energy is completely different with live video.
  • It’s edgy. Most people haven’t caught onto this marketing technique yet – not only does this make you look current and trendy, but it allows you to capitalize on that vacuum and make a bigger splash.

Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy or something that will knock your clients’ proverbial socks off, you can make live video work for you. You can add this trending tool to your arsenal and become a force to be reckoned with. Essentially, you can MATTER to your clients. The result of mastering live video will be increased visibility, credibility, and sales.

Brian Fanzo is a live video expert hired by major brands like IBM. He says:

Live video isn’t an excuse to not have a strategy. Listening and engaging your audience is not only the most valuable aspect but also the scariest. Perfect isn’t the goal. Being real is key.

Skeptical? No worries. Let’s walk through this one level at a time.[/vc_column_text][vc_wp_text]Level 1: Periscope & Facebook Live

At the writing of this blog about a billion other live video apps are hitting the marketplace everyday and others are already attracting millions of users including Meerkat, Google Hangouts, and Blab.

Periscope so far is winning the race with more than 10 million users worldwide watching 40 years worth of video every day.

And more recently, Facebook Live Video has entered the race by allowing select users to access a Live Video feature right from their mobile phone.

Videospot is among the first Facebook Live Video Users and so far we absolutely love it. Click the image below to see one of our live video streams:

Facebook live video example


However, if this technology is still out of reach, there is nothing wrong with just opening your laptop and talking to your webcam through a Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA).

The video resolution isn’t going to win you any prizes for stunning picture quality or HD resolution, but the quality isn’t bad. In fact, for an in-office conference or meeting, it will go a long way in polishing your organization’s top-quality image. No one has to leave their office to participate, and you don’t have to dial a 57-digit pin to access a conference call (seriously, do people still do those?).

Google hangouts are great for online presentations and marketing, too.

Just keep it casual, interactive, and don’t get flustered if something glitches – it’s all part of the live experience and modern audiences are very forgiven- even HOPING things will go wrong. This is your huge opportunity to make it “all part of the show.”

That said, do follow some basic steps to ensure the presentation goes as smoothly as possible and presents you as credible and in-control:

  • Be sure to have a good light on you, since webcams are notorious for being kind of dim.
  • Make sure you are centered in the shot.
  • Use headphones to avoid any relay/echo issues that newbies often encounter.
  • Wear solids. Tiny stripes or interesting patterns can translate into psychedelic effects you probably don’t want on screen.
  • Look directly into the camera. It might feel weird, especially if you are reading notes from your computer screen, but make an effort to look your viewers in the eye.
  • Avoid glare by wearing contacts instead of glasses. Besides, your viewers will connect more if they can easily see your eyes.

Level 2: External Camera/Mic & Screen Sharing

Take your seminar or workshop up a notch by using an external microphone and camera and hosting a live stream event with screen sharing.

You can still use Google+ Hangouts, but invest in a serious camera and a video capture card to increase quality (and thus your image), rewarding your participants with a better viewing experience.

Imagine that your Canon DSLR is now your webcam!

You can connect the camera to your computer along with a quality microphone. This works great with either PCs or Macs, but Macs typically have better results (not that we’re ditching our PCs anytime soon). You must have a capture card to make this work- see the link above.

Now you’re streaming an event that looks like you know what you’re doing. You’re not just trying to sell something. You have solutions and you know how to present those solutions. Remember, a quality video experience conveys quality to your viewers. And it pays to offer top quality.


Level 3: Multiple Cameras & 3rd Party Encoder

If you are super technically literate or have a relationship with a great video marketing service, make the ultimate level-up by employing multiple cameras with a switcher for multiple angles and to keep the viewer more engaged. This option wasn’t even available 15 years ago unless you were a major TV studio. But now, with the right combination of cables, cameras, etc., you can command the attention and trust of thousands of interested viewers, sharing your expertise and vision with those you want to connect with most.

Take a look at one of my favorite YouTubers- Lon Siedman- and how his relatively simple set up makes for a pretty amazing home studio.

To stream live to a larger viewing audience (HOA only allows 9 live viewers at a time) use a 3rd party encoder, like Ustream or Livestream, to host the event.

You can include links to anything you want on the landing page or within the video. While you’re discussing your latest ebook on building model airplanes or corporate ladder climbing, you can simply ask your attendees to click on the link while they’re in the moment watching your live presentation. It doesn’t get any better than this!

As for cost, well, in a sense you get what you pay for. Don’t expect to look like a primetime TV host without a budget. But on other hand, don’t think you will have to pay anywhere near the same sort of fees primetime TV would charge. It’s unbelievably affordable to hire the cameramen or studio to knock this out of the park! And the conversions will make it well worth the investment.[/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]Live Stream Video WORKS!

When financial heavy hitter, Zuora, wanted to get their message out to more people, they turned to live streaming. They had been accustomed to hosting events with maybe 1,000 attendees. But when they turned to a live video stream, everything was different. At the end of the day, over 20,000 people had tuned into their event. By simply changing the medium for conveying their message, they had increased their reach twenty times over!

Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Bell, said their expectations were blown out of the water, noting that they “never expected to get that many watching it live and engaging in the conversation.” Bell summed up what they had learned from this outcome:

“There’s nothing like doing it live.”

Many Videospot clients as well have hired us to live stream their sales and marketing events. Shanda Sumpter, Brett Gregory, and others have each experienced tremendous success when live streaming their video webinars or presentations.

Shanda even saw results of over $40,000 in annual revenue all stemming from a live stream event hosted on Livestream.com. Shanda is still a great friend of Videospot and an amazing marketing coach.
So before you brush off live video as another endeavor made for smaller, more artistic brands- consider this article and the tremendous benefits of a Live Video Marketing Plan for your company.

You can even call me to help.



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