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How to be More Demonstrative in your Videos

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Are your videos on Facebook or Youtube Boring Your Audience (or lack thereof) ?

Are you losing viewers on your Facebook or YouTube? Are you struggling to get subscribers on your channel? Does your viewer watch time last about  a blink? It may be time to be more demonstrative.

Demonstrative is the big term buzzing around this week in social media and video marketing. Demonstrative videos helps demonstrate the why behind the video and pulls your audience in by engaging them. People are so tired of talking heads that just tell tell tell….

People need to see it to believe it. And belief is foundational for your audience to trust you, see you as a credible source, and then go to you for the services and products you offer when they are in need.

So how do we engage our audience by being visually demonstrative?

In this video, Owen discusses 5 great ways to wow your audience with demonstrative techniques that will keep them engaged and coming back for more. This is not a step-by-step but helping your wrap your mind around the philosophy of being demonstrative and how that might look in a variety of ways –what are you showing them?

 Check out these key points and watch the video to learn the details:  

  1. Show Don’t Tell

2. Tease that Thang!

3. Show them the Other Side (insider access)

4. Show your Process

5. Thumbnails that Show What is Inside the Video

Don’t forget that in your thumbnails and previews, you are making a promise to your audience about what you will be delivering and demonstrating to them. Keep the promise.

After this video, we encourage you to brainstorm a list of things you could you show your viewers that would help them better understand your brand’s philosophy, mission, services, products, customer relationships, employee experiences, or answers to their questions… Use the above 5 methods to spice up the next videos you make or go back and add some of those elements in to your past videos. Let us know in the comment section how these influenced your channel or views.

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  1. Amani Channel on June 19, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Been following you for a while love your tips and show, and especially your energy.

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