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Video Marketing

How To Make Sales Online with YouTube Videos

How to Make Actual Sales with YouTube Videos

Do You Have a YouTube Channel but Want to Learn How To Make Actual Sales with it? Learn to make a sales online with YouTube videos following this simple video sales funnel formula from YouTube expert, Brandon Lucero. Download my YouTube script templates for even more great tips for making sales videos online. Now this…

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How to Use Facebook to Grow on YouTube

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your YouTube

Like it or Not, you Need to use Facebook to Grow a YouTube Channel In this episode of Monday Night Live, I’m going to be going through a few simple tips and strategies using Facebook for growing your Channel, your brand, or your business. These are really effective tips and just from this video, you…

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4 Strategies to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

your first 1000 subscribers

Do You Want to Grow Your Subscribers on YouTube?  Sometimes, it feels like the first 100 to 500 subscribers on your channel can take forever, so that the idea of 1000 subscribers seem hopeless. But 1000 is the magic number and well-worth the effort.  Once you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube, it provides the momentum…

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How to Convert YouTube Viewers into Leads

Converting your viewers to your newsletter list (or free offer) should the main goal of any YouTube content creator. Vloggers and Business channels should be extremely focused on generating leads from YouTube because the email list is the only database you truly own. With that database, you can communicate with your subscribers through multiple mediums…

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Video Marketing Tips, Authors, Speakers, Coaches

TIPS FOR SPEAKERS, COACHES, & ENTREPRENEURS Video is so similar to speaking on stage. If you’re great in front of people, you will be great on camera. What’s next then, is learning the production and promotion side. These videos are the stepping stones to learning video and will be a great first step for authors and…

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Hire Videographer Versus Video Marketing Consultant

PERSONALIZED STRATEGY PLANNING & REVENUE GROWTH FOR YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL YOUTUBE IS POISED TO LEAD. Video content will dominate the online marketing space within a year and despite all the fluff and paid promotion, Facebook’s video platform has not met any market expectations. That makes YouTube the dominant force for businesses, brands, and thought-leaders to leverage…

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Mobile Video Editing Workflow

WE CAN EDIT YOUR FOOTAGE If you have footage from your smart phone or other camera, we can edit that footage together and create a marketing video! We’ve been offering this service under the table for years but with the exponential growth of smart phones and consumer camera’s, it seems many businesses have footage that need…

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What to Expect From Video Marketing Consultation

At Videospot, our online marketing consultation is designed to assist your company in quantifying your online marketing goals, recognizing existing strengths and weaknesses, identifying target markets and online buyer persona’s, and creating an editorial calendar that is designed to accomplish your business objectives. CLOSE MORE LEADS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA AND SEO THE PROCESS The online…

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What Clothes To Wear for Studio Shooting

WHAT TO WEAR IN STUDIO Shooting in the Videospot Studio is designed to be as easy as possible but there is no doubt that you should come as prepared as you can.  By following the guidelines listed in this section, you should be a position to make the most out of your time in our…

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