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Better YouTube Analytics for Video Seo? Try this…

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That which gets measured, gets improved. That’s why tracking your results on YouTube is essential for making more money on YouTube. Better YouTube Analytics for Video SEO and discoverability are essential to your gameplan and this video will review a tool that I love called Tubetrackr.

YouTube analytics is very important on your video marketing campaign and you should be checking it everyday. If you are not checking out on them everyday, then you are probably be missing out on actionable data that you can be using to further your reach.


TubeTrackr is brought to you by the same people who did Splash.io and Veeroll, TubeTrackr is very comprehensive in three things and very helpful for your YouTube analytics and video marketing. Monitoring and Measuring your videos, Highlighting certain amount of videos and Rank tracking that has a toolbox feature.

The TubeTrackr free account has the same features as the paid account but varies on the number of keywords you will be able to
track. You can create a TubeTrackr free account and has a 30 day balance. The TubeTrackr monitoring summary allows you to see an instant glimpse of the views, comments, likes and other data for your YouTube analytics. It allows you to view your “Up this week” and “Down this week” data and lets you know where you are going in terms of your YouTube analytics. The monitoring dashboard allows you to create groups, video life, watch time, engagements and discovery which are the metrics you are going for. The Rank Tracking feature allows you to monitor how many of your videos are on the first place section, second place section or which of them are on the top 5 or top 10 and so on and so forth. The Rank Tracking feature also allows you to see how you are tracked based on each keyword you are using for your YouTube analytics. The Tube tracker is an essential tool that can help you with your YouTube analytics for your video marketing campaign.

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/qx8YCZbfVyc

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