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Best Budget Vlogging Set Up For Starting a Business Vlog

Set Up Tips for Business Vlogging

Thinking about Starting a Business Vlog But Don’t Want To Break The Bank? You definitely do not need to break the bank while still getting a great set up to start your vlogging channel. Here are 4 basic essentials to get you started and looking great, with lighting for under $400 and a camera for…

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The Top Online Marketing Skills You Need in 2017

Watch the Replay Here: Top Internet Marketing Skills That You Need To Know in 2017 The top Online Marketing Skills You Need in 2017Today we’re going thru the top marketing skills you need to have under your belt this year to be more powerful, be more productive and be more profitable in your profession this…

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How to look good on camera (checklist included)

How to Look Good On Camera. GET THE PDF HERE. Scroll down to see the video You’ve got to look good on camera and that’s all about presence, posture, and preparedness. What I’m going to share with you in this video I’ve used with my clients for years to help them LOOK GOOD on video…

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This minor tweak in my Facebook Video Ads increased CTR to 10.76%

Facebook Video Thumbnails matter on – a lot. After NOT GETTING RESULTS on a standard thumbnail that we’ve been using with great success on YouTube, James my Conversion Scientist (JSU Solutions), decided to shock some life into the campaign. “The Thumbnail!” He said like Doc Brown. “We’ve got to do something about your thumbnail…” So immediately…

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