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11 Textured Backgrounds For Your Next Outdoor Recording Session

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Recording outdoors can be tricky because you need to make sure your background isn’t too busy, or overexposed. To make your next  session easier, we’ve compiled a list of great textured backgrounds that will keep the focus on you, without being boring.

1.Brick Wall 

Brick Wall

This one’s a classic. The traditional evened redbrick will bring back schooldays nostalgia, and is great for educational type videos; alternatively, you can use a more unsymmetrical layout, as pictured above, for a more rustic feel.

2.Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence

The wooden planks are another classic background that gives texture and balance. This is a great option when you don’t want too much attention drawn to your background as the planks create a recurring pattern, but it’s broken up in the asymmetrical characteristics of each plank. The balance will allow your viewer to focus on you, rather than deciphering what’s going on behind you.

3. Chipped Paint


This is one of the best options when you want just a hint of edginess to your video. There are no distractions behind you, but the peeling paint will, ironically, liven up your shot and add some dynamics to an otherwise dull wall.

4. Concrete Wall

Concrete Wall

When you really just want a plain background, try using a concrete wall. It usually has some type of streaks or markings that will add some texture and make your shot a little more interesting.

5.Wire Fence

Wire Fence

This is another nostalgic background idea that reminisces schooldays. While the brick wall is fairly versatile, the wire fence has been culturally coded to uneasy social environments, and the pattern can also create restlessness for the viewer. If you want to create a bit of tension and unease, this option is for you!

6. Firewood Wall

Firewood Wall

This background is a classic leading into the holiday seasons. From back-to-school, to just after Christmas, the firewood wall will be bringing in constant viewers and shares, and works perfectly for any type of content regarding those months.

7. Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

This option needs to be chosen wisely. While simplistic, the vertical patterns can slightly distract your viewer if you’re moving around too much in the shot. It’s best used if you, or your subject, is remaining stationary, and you usually have tons of colors to choose from!

8. Vine Wall

Vine Wall

A vine wall is a great way to make yourself seem calm, down to earth, and welcoming. The green is a soothing, but energizing color, and is actually the color that people respond best to, as it is easiest on the eyes. You could use a painted green wall, but the vines will add some life to your shot!

9.Exposed Stone

Exposed Stone

This option can be trickier to find, but if you happen to be shooting out near the desert or mountains, definitely take advantage of the rock! A grey slate color, as seen above, will automatically create a serious tone, Red rock will create a more exotic, adventurous feel.

10. Particle Board

Particle Board

While particle board usually screams construction, it’s a fun, easy way to liven up your background and is quite adaptable. The neutral woodchip texture allows you to play with bold colors regarding your clothes and props.

11. Bold Colored Wall

Bold Solid Color

This is the most popular trend right now, especially when it comes to product photography, like ice cream for example. You are able to set the entire tone of your photo or video just by learning a bit about color theory and strategically choosing which color you want for your backdrop.

All these options are inexpensive fixes to the boring white wall that is so often used when recording video. Try going through a rotation of these backgrounds depending on the subject matter, weather and season.

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  1. Nick on August 26, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    “the wire fence has been culturally coded to uneasy social environments”

    Well said.

    This is very helpful info for any video creator who wants to expand their recording outside of the studio/home/office environments.

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