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How to be More Demonstrative in your Videos

do you have boring videos?

Are your videos on Facebook or Youtube boring? Are you losing viewers? It may be time to be more demonstrative. Demonstrative is the big term buzzing around this week in social media and video marketing. It helps demonstrate the why behind the video and pulls your audience in by being engaging. So how do we…

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Live Stream Video Tactics to Grow Your Business

Ross Brand and Owen Video discuss LIVE streaming #LivestreamStars w/ Owen Video (YouTube & Business Consultant) Posted by Livestream Universe on 27hb Februari 2017   Live Stream Video Topics We Covered EVERY video should be making a pitch to have someone follow you in an intimate way. You can go LIVE on Youtube in just…

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This minor tweak in my Facebook Video Ads increased CTR to 10.76%

Facebook Video Thumbnails matter on – a lot. After NOT GETTING RESULTS on a standard thumbnail that we’ve been using with great success on YouTube, James my Conversion Scientist (JSU Solutions), decided to shock some life into the campaign. “The Thumbnail!” He said like Doc Brown. “We’ve got to do something about your thumbnail…” So immediately…

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11 Textured Backgrounds For Your Next Outdoor Recording Session

Recording outdoors can be tricky because you need to make sure your background isn’t too busy, or overexposed. To make your next  session easier, we’ve compiled a list of great textured backgrounds that will keep the focus on you, without being boring. 1.Brick Wall  This one’s a classic. The traditional evened redbrick will bring back…

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