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4 Easy Tips to make your Real Estate Video more Welcoming

Photos are imperative to any real estate listing, be it on a company site, social media, or classifieds. However, if you want your listing to sell, having a video tour is the way to go! But rather than just shooting a walking tour of your interior, here are some tips to make your video sell…
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How to rank your business videos on YouTube – 3 Evergreen Tactics that always work

How to Rank On YouTube Search Here’s the crazy thing about YouTube marketing for businesses – If you follow a process you are highly likely to see a favorable result. Your adherence to these fundamental principles will ultimately decide your fate. Coupled with a consistent broadcasting schedule you almost can’t lose with video. I’ll dig into…
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The five essential tools you need for video production

If you’re new to video production, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of exactly what you need to get started. These five tools will help you get on your feet and get you started in video marketing in no time. 1. DSLR Video Camera Having a video camera is essential. Consider getting a…
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How to GO LIVE on Facebook with your mobile device (Android or Iphone)

What is LIVE video on Facebook? Live broadcasting used to only be available to the major networks. Celebrity gatekeepers held the keys to fame – Unless Ed McMahon said you could be a star… You simply didn’t get to be a star With the rise of online video and most recently the rise of live…
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How to Grow Your Business YouTube Channel (if you're just starting out)

Grow Your Business on YouTube with Video You can grow your business vlog if you’re doing these 5 little tiny things. Seriously! I talk to business YouTubers all the time who want big numbers but skip the little steps. Don’t worry – I’m gonna clear it up for you like Vicks Vapo Rub on your…
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How to Optimize Your Facebook Videos into Playlists for Longer View Duration

Did you know you can optimize your Facebook business page to showcase your videos? Facebook Video playlists are a perfect but lesser known optimization tool. While optimizing video is the norm on YouTube, Facebook video is more of pay-to-play environment. As such, optimization has been limited to titles and tags and even then we’re not…
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Three Open-Sourced Video Editing Software For Business Owners

Whether you’re new to the world of video and editing, simply looking to save money, or you’re just looking for an outside-of-the-box creative challenge, open sourced software is always fun to play around with! For those of you who don’t even know what we’re talking about, according to opensource.com, it is software with a source…
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Video Marketing Tips, Authors, Speakers, Coaches

TIPS FOR SPEAKERS, COACHES, & ENTREPRENEURS Video is so similar to speaking on stage. If you’re great in front of people, you will be great on camera. What’s next then, is learning the production and promotion side. These videos are the stepping stones to learning video and will be a great first step for authors and…
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Hire Videographer Versus Video Marketing Consultant

PERSONALIZED STRATEGY PLANNING & REVENUE GROWTH FOR YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL YOUTUBE IS POISED TO LEAD. Video content will dominate the online marketing space within a year and despite all the fluff and paid promotion, Facebook’s video platform has not met any market expectations. That makes YouTube the dominant force for businesses, brands, and thought-leaders to leverage…
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