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your first 1000 subscribers

4 Strategies to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

1000 is the magic number Once you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube, it provides the momentum you need to get your channel to a full-time go-to-source for your niche market. Subscriptions jump afterward, generating more traffic to your channel, more people sharing your content, and more leads for your business. Here, Owen outlines 4 strategies…
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7 tips for success on youtube

7 Success Tips for YouTube

Is it too late to be successful on YouTube? In this episode we’re going to talk about 7 major tips for you to use on how you can capitalize on YouTube. In this interview with YouTube expert, Nick Nimmins, you will learn that it is definitely not too late, but now is the perfect time…
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do you have boring videos?

How to be More Demonstrative in your Videos

Are your videos on Facebook or Youtube boring? Are you losing viewers? It may be time to be more demonstrative. Demonstrative is the big term buzzing around this week in social media and video marketing. It helps demonstrate the why behind the video and pulls your audience in by being engaging. So how do we…
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Advanced Live Video Tricks with Nick Mattingly

In this podcast, we are going to introduce you to an AMAZING new tool that will bring your LIVE video production game to a whole new level! Our guest, Nick Mattingly will tell us all about his awesome app Switcher Studio which will give you all the tricks you need… Watch Here: Advanced Live Video Tricks with…
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How To Film In Noisy Apartments and More! (Live Q&A)

You had questions, and I’ve got your answers!  Want to know how to build your YouTube channel and other video marketing tips? Check out the full video below:     Here are the top TWO questions that came out of the session today. You don’t even need to watch it! Just press play and stick it…
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How to Convert YouTube Viewers into Leads

Converting your viewers to your newsletter list (or free offer) should the main goal of any YouTube content creator. Vloggers and Business channels should be extremely focused on generating leads from YouTube because the email list is the only database you truly own. With that database, you can communicate with your subscribers through multiple mediums…
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To Green Screen Or Not?

Should you be using a green screen in your marketing videos? In this episode, we are discussing whether or not you should be using a green screen in your videos, with our guest Justin Brown from Primal Video. Watch Here: To Green Screen Or Not To green screen or not? On today’s show our guest…
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How To Grow Your Blog With Video

Video is an amazing tool to use to grow your blog. Leslie Samuel takes us through how he created his blog with the use of video. “Changing the world one blog at a time.” Watch Here: How To Grow A Blog With Video with Leslie Samuel How to grow your blog with video! Today we…
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How to download Facebook Videos to Mac or PC legally with a simple Chrome plugin

You’ll learn how to professionally (legally) download Facebook videos to your computer whether you’re using a Mac or PC computer. With this simple Chrome plugin, your whole world will change. Watch Here: Never miss another video again! Go to http://www.videospot.net/chatbot and get LIVE alerts for when a new video is posted. Not only will you be…
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